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Valvoline™ is one of the world’s first and most enduring lubricant brands.

That fact alone makes Valvoline special, but it also reflects the values we uphold, and the proof of value we deliver. The world has changed considerably, since Dr. Charles Ellis introduced Valvoline in 1866.


Valvoline not only evolved, but launched many groundbreaking innovations that changed the industry. Today, professional and consumer markets continue to trust Valvoline because we offer a better formula for businesses and consumers through innovative products, services and tools.


We will continue to focus on 3 key priority areas:


1. Global Product Platforms

Product quality and innovation is at the core of the Valvoline brand. As our global and local footprint grows, we are building broad product platforms to meet the evolving needs of both passenger car and heavy duty customers.


2. Technology

Valvoline is staying one step ahead by developing cutting-edge technology that delivers high-value solutions to our customers, including: data analytics, e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile applications and engine diagnostics.


3. Services

Valvoline is continuously improving the installer and retail customer experience – innovating unique packaging solutions, providing customized marketing programs and call center services, and investing in employee recruiting and training services.


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Tel: +27 11 437 4690