The Young Learners Education Trust: Growing Responsible Citizens for this Great Country through Education.

TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd, the holding company for some of South Africa’s best loved Automotive Wheel, Tyre and Battery Retail and Wholesale businesses is taking re-energising the investment in Education to a whole new level.


The Young Learners Education Trust, a registered trust of TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd, was founded upon our desire to make a more meaningful contribution to education in South Africa, and is part of our Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment efforts in support of Corporate Social Investment (CSI).  This is our first step on the journey. The Trust is by no means insular or limited to the efforts of TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd, as the goal is to create an eco-system where suppliers, competitors and the Automotive Industry in general can own and participate in growing what is a fundamental right of all South Africans – The right to a decent and uplifting education


Through the Trust we aim to give previously disadvantaged, qualifying candidates, the opportunity to access education and become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase their ability to find work and compete in the ever-changing knowledge economy.  


As an organisation we have a proud history of investment into the education and growth of our own employees and their children. The Trust creates a platform to build upon this legacy and takes our efforts, and those of all in the eco-system to the next level. The dream is to join hands with customers, suppliers, competitors and industry leaders to work towards an ever-increasing footprint, by influencing the quality of the workforce available to the country.


Central to the Trust, and the manner in which it is run, is the belief that an excellent, holistic education is a vital element in providing each young learner with the necessary foundation to make consistently good decisions for their own well being and for the greater good of society. Individuals who have this grounding grow into responsible citizens who can positively contribute to the development of South Africa. Our mission is to provide them with the platform of opportunity that will allow them to do this and more.


Eligible Learners: Benefit from the Young Learners Education Trust


The Trust will initially provide education and funding to scholars and graduates who are TiAuto Investment (Pty) Ltd employees or dependants of these employees and will develop beyond this to interested parties within our industry as a whole.


The type of education funded by the Trust includes business-related studies on a full time, part time and/or distance learning basis for first-time undergraduate degree / diplomas at accredited Higher Education Institutions and trustee-approved educational initiatives within South Africa.


Initial qualifying criteria include:

  • Interested parties in the industry – individuals, suppliers, or customers;
  • TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd permanent employees; the children of employees, grandchildren or other blood relatives of employees of TiAuto Investments (Pty) Ltd;
  • Individuals younger than 25 years old;
  • Any nominated person, as selected or determined by the Trustees or Trust Donors;
  • Qualifying individuals from previously disadvantaged families;
  • Qualifying scholars who have achieved a ±60% average as part of their previous academic record; and
  • Interview process (if applicable)

Are you an eligible learner? Do you want to learn more?  To request more information, or to receive an application form, kindly email us on kindly on info@theyoungeducationtrust.co.za.


Industry Participants & Donors: Invest in The Young Leaners Education Trust


The Young Learners Education Trust also provides businesses within (and outside of) our industry with a trustworthy channel via which to make the maximum difference with their CSI spend.


Instead of each business spending a little on disparate initiatives that make a small difference, the trust provides a much-needed platform via which our combined resources will make a meaningful contribution to our industry as a whole. The greater the resources available for the education of learners in and of our industry, the more qualified candidates are available to become contributors within the industry in the near future.


The aim is for contributors to be involved, although it is not a requirement. It is important that donors get involved with learners via such important initiatives as mentorship, and/or offering them internship and employment opportunities upon completion of their studies. This is an eco-system, and like all initiatives that really matter, will require the combined efforts and resources of all participants. It is a huge task if managed individually, which is why the aim is to consolidate the efforts of the industry via the trust.


Would you like to invest in the Young Learners Education Trust?


To make a donation, please view the banking details below:


Account name: The Young Learners Education Trust

Bank: ABSA

Account number: 40-9279-1906


Call or email Gwen Francis at 011-256-4040/4091/4448 or info@theyoungeducationtrust.co.za for more information.

The Young Learners Education Trust