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TiAuto is the local agent and distributor of the world-leading McGard range of wheel locks.
These innovative one-piece wheel locks operate like typical lug nuts, but require a special key tool for removal. Simple, but brilliant, this security mechanism has been deterring thieves from stealing wheels and tyres since precision machinist, Lewis D. McCauley invented it in the early 1960s in Buffalo, New York in the USA.
The McGard wheel lock system is ingenious. By replacing just one lug nut per wheel with a special McGard wheel lock, car owners can ensure that their wheels cannot be removed from their vehicle, except by a technician to whom they have provided the special key tool.
The adaptability of the McGard wheel lock design moreover allows for an unlimited number of different (computer-designed) lock and key patterns, to ensure continue wheel security.
All engineering and manufacturing of McGard Wheel Locks takes place in America, at the company's 225,000 square foot facility in Orchard Park, New York.
McGard is avaiable through YSA.