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The ATLASBX battery company was founded in South Korea in 1944 and in 1977 merged with the Hankook Tyre Group. Today, it is the sixth largest battery manufacturer in the world, producing more than 9.5 million batteries per year, which are sold in more than 250 countries.


ATLASBX car batteries are widely acclamed for their quality and reliability. These completely sealed, 100% maintenance-free batteries are backed by a 24-month warranty in South Africa.

Of particular note is the fact that ATLASBX also serves as Original Equipment (OE) supplier to vehicle manufacturers that include GM, Renault and Samsung, to name just a few.


Key features of ATLASBX batteries:

  • 100% maintenance free.
  • Low electrical resistance & reliable starting power.
  • Improved durability over conventional batteries.
  • Increased safety and reliability because sealed status of battery prevents inflow of sparks from outside.
  • Excellent electrical performance (minimum self discharge).

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